Research Activities

We are currently supporting the following research projects:

Prevention of Diabetes in Europe and Worldwide (PREVIEW)The aim of the study is to determine the impact of a high protein, low glycemic index diet in combination with physical activity on the incidence of type two diabetes in overweight children and adults.

Our President Prof Jennie Brand-Miller is leading the work program responsible for communicating and exploiting the findings of PREVIEW to convert new knowledge into strategies to reduce the risk of diabetes, including web-based lifestyle interventions for the public and collaborations between food industry and health professionals on development of innovative products and ingredients.  We have contributed funding to the Sydney University arm of the trial.

Potato Research: Kai Lin Ek, who works in the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment at the University of Sydney, has reviewed the nutritional qualities of potatoes as part of her PhD thesis. The paper is to be presented at the International Congress of Nutrition in Granada in September 2013. The research showed that the low GI Carisma potato not only ranked well alongside other potatoes it is also comparable with other low GI foods.


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