29 September 2023

Summer Recipe Collection

Summer recipe collection

With the warmer summer weather, it is time to heat up the barbecue and think about colourful, cool salads! We have taken inspiration from around the world including Greece, The Middle East and Brazil to create ‘The Ultimate Low GI Barbecue’.

With stone fruit and melon in season, it is also the perfect chance to jazz up salads. Using seasonal fruit as the main carbohydrate source will also provide a good dose of antioxidants and fibre.

Forget the usual snags on the barbie, we have created 3 easy to prepare, flavoursome protein recipes using herbs and spices from around the world. Using lean cuts of pork, chicken and salmon significantly lowers the saturated fat content and supplies a good amount of protein.

We’ve swapped the tomato and barbecue sauce for easy to make tzatziki and hummus which are both perfect accompaniment to meat and fish. Making sauces from scratch is not only healthier but also cheaper.

We have thrown in an Aussie favourite – the humble potato salad. However, this revamped recipe is high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrate modified. With some planning and preparation, you will have recipes that will not only impress the guests but also become family favourites.


Summer seasonal produce:

Vegetables Fruit
Asparagus Bananas
Beans Blackberries
Beansprouts Blueberries
Beetroot Cherries
Broccoli Grapes
Cabbage Honeydew melon
Capsicum Rockmelon
Carrots Watermelon
Cauliflower Nectarines
Celery Oranges (Valencia)
Cucumber Peaches
Eggplant Plums
Leek Raspberries
Lettuce Strawberries
Snow peas  
Spring onions  


Reference: Australian Seasonal Food Guide.

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