Spotlight: Plant Protein

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Contrary to popular belief, animal-based products are not the only way to get protein on your plate. Gone are the days of plant-based meaning swapping out meats for tofu. Power up your meals by including deliciously nutritious options like lentils and pulses.

Five nutritious, low GI plant sources of protein:

  • Lentils– 28.3g per 100g

Rich in protein, high in gut-loving fibre and packed with nutrients like B vitamins, folate and minerals

Tips: Puree to thicken sauces and provide a nutritional boost, add to soups, casseroles and salads 

  • Quinoa– 13.1g per 100g

A complete protein, rich in B vitamins and minerals

Tips: Can be substituted for higher GI rice and couscous varieties, great in salad and can be toasted before cooking for a richer flavour

  • Boiled chickpeas– 6.3g per 100g

Low in fat, good source of B vitamins, iron, zinc, folate and magnesium

Tips: Use to power up your stir fries and salads, don’t forget good old hummus

  • Fresh peas – 8g per 100g

Rich in fibre and Vitamin C

Tips: Smash peas with your avo on toast, add to risottos and curries

  • Peanuts – 7g per 100g

Pack a nutritional punch with their protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytochemicals

Tips: Add peanut butter to slices of apple for a simple yet satisfying snack


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