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The GI Symbol

About the Program

As the only independent worldwide GI certification program, the GI Symbol is a powerful tool for consumers to quickly and reliably make healthy food choices.

Foods with the GI Symbol have been laboratory tested and also meet strict nutrient criteria in line with International Dietary Guidelines for kilojoules, saturated fat and salt that make them among the healthiest choices in their category. These include specified limits for carbohydrates, energy (kilojoules), total and saturated fat, sodium and, where appropriate, fibre and calcium.

How can products join the Low GI Symbol Program?

To have a product certified by the Glycemic Index Foundation and be eligible to carry the low GI symbol on packaging the products need to be:


Once the product meets the above it can then be submitted to the Foundation (info@gifoundation.org.au) for review along with:

  • A completed application form.
  • The product’s Glycemic Index ISO standard test report.
  • A nutritional analysis of the product.
  • The nutritional information panel.
  • The ingredients list.
  • Any existing promotional or packaging material.


Once consumers learn more about low GI and the GI Symbol over 65% are likely to look out for it when shopping.[Lonergan, 2014]

Benefits of Joining the GI Symbol Program:

The benefits of your product been certified with the Low GI Symbol are not only are consumers reassured that your product has been accurately tested and meets strict nutritional criteria but also provides the following:

  • Consumer Awareness Program:
    • Dedicated communication support for the launch of your product.
    • GI Symbol products featured in the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet on-line program.
    • Recipe Endorsement – Recipes reviewed and accessed to be eligible to be certified with the official Low GI Recipe logo.
    • GI Symbol products are  supported and promoted through our communication channels including website, social media and newsletter.
    • GI Symbol products featured in the Low GI Diet Shopper’s Guide.
    • Discounted advertising rate for the Diabetes Australia National Magazine – Circle (circulation: 137,700 (2017).
    • Access to promotional and advertising opportunities through Diabetes NSW & ACT including their member newsletter, events and sampling opportunities. Contact Holly on hollya@diabetesnsw.com.au.


  • Healthcare Awareness Program:
    • Quotes from Key Opinion Leaders on the benefits of low GI.
    • Fact sheets directed at healthcare professionals and consumers about the benefits of a low GI lifestyle including diabetes, weight management and pregnancy outcomes.


  • Product Development & Regulatory Assistance:
    • Discounts on GI Testing through the University of Sydney (SUGiRS) laboratory.
    • Expert assistance with product development and reformulation.
    • Exclusive access to scientific reviews to substantiate general level health claims supporting GI health benefits. The dossiers of substantiation meet the requirements set out by FSANZ Standard 1.2.7 – Nutrition, Health and Related Claims. A general level health claim refers the property of a food and its effect on a health function. It must not refer to a serious disease or biomarker of a serious disease. To further explain the process involved in making GI general level health claims please refer to ‘Making Low GI General Level Health Claims’ brochure.
    • Support with applications to International regulatory authorities in relation to Low GI health claims .


  • Research:
    • Access to the latest GI research and opinion pieces.


For more information please send inquiries through to info@gifoundation.org.au


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