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GI and Health Claims

The Foundation has commissioned extensive scientific reviews to substantiate general level health claims supporting the benefits of GI that meet the requirements set out by FSANZ Standard 1.2.7 – Nutrition, Health and Related Claims.

A general level health claim refers to a nutrient, substance or property of a food and its effect on a health function. It must not refer to a serious disease or biomarker of a serious disease.

Products certified by the Foundation have exclusive access to these dossiers in relation to GI:

  • satiety
  • sustained energy
  • physical performance


The following are examples of low GI general level health claims that have been substantiated by these systematic literature reviews:


  • Low GI helps you stay fuller for longer.
  • Low GI increases the feeling of being fuller for longer.
  • Low GI foods can increase satiety.


Sustained Energy

  • Low GI for sustained energy.
  • Low GI for longer lasting energy.
  • Low GI to help maintain energy levels.


Physical Performance

  • Low GI to fuel active bodies.
  • Low GI foods can help provide you with the energy needed to keep active for longer.
  • Low GI foods provide energy to help you perform at your best.


The GI Foundation can provide assistance in developing appropriate wording to support of product benefits.

To further explain the process involved to make low GI general level health claims please read the following brochure.


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