16 December 2017

Celebrate the Festive Season the Low GI Way

Planning for the festive season? You do not have to forsake all of your holiday favourites to avoid the battle of the bulge. Simply keep in mind the basic principles of swapping rich and fatty high GI foods for healthy low GI alternatives.

Please find below some ideas to help celebrate the festive season the low GI way.

Main course:

Side salad:


  • Pavlova with light whipped cream or low fat yoghurt, sliced strawberries, bananas, grapes and passionfruit, or
  • Trifle with sponge finger biscuits, diet jelly, low fat custard with strawberries and blueberries on top and 99% fat free fromage frais, or
  • Vanilla pannacotta with strawberry salsa, or
  • Try Christmas shaped ginger nut biscuits.


We would like to wish you and your family a very happy and peaceful festive season. 

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