8 June 2023

Winter Recipe Collection

Winter recipes collection

We’ve put together a range of winter warmer and family-friendly meals. These healthy low GI recipes are easy to prepare meals, using seasonal winter produce which are at its nutritional peak and usually costs less. The collection is also time saving and convenient– traybake, one pan cooking method. These recipes offer the ‘comfort’ without the extra calories from fat and carbs typically associated with winter food. Roasting and baking with herbs, spices and winter veg gives you maximum flavour without the calories.


Winter seasonal produce:

Vegetables Fruit
Beansprouts Bananas
Broccoli Grapefruit
Brussel sprouts Kiwifruit
Carrots Lemons
Cauliflower Mandarins
Fennel Oranges (navel)


Reference: Australian Seasonal Food Guide.

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