The Low GI Symbol

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To help make healthier low GI choices quick and easy when you’re in the supermarket, we developed the GI Symbol. The GI Symbol is your trusted guide to healthier food choices. Foods that carry the GI Symbol have had their glycemic index tested at an accredited laboratory and they must also meet strict nutrient criteria for kilojoules, saturated fat and sodium, and where appropriate, fibre and calcium. The nutrient criteria are consistent with international dietary guidelines and were developed in consultation with experts from the University of Sydney and Australian consumer diabetes organisations.

If you are a food company or retailer and you have a product that you think may be eligible to carry the GI Symbol, we’d love to hear from you. Go to the Glycemic Index Foundation Info sheet for more information on the benefits of joining the GI Symbol program or contact:

Kathy Usic, CEO
+61 2 9552 9882


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