Sunrice brings Australia’s favourite low GI rice back

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SunRice has partnered with the GI Foundation to re-launch one of its most popular ranges, Low GI rice. Featuring new packaging, the Low GI rices are ideally suited to Australians looking for healthy meal time options.

The products, SunRice Doongara Low GI Clever Rice and SunRice Low GI Brown Rice, are grown here in Australia and each feature a GI rating of 54 making them healthy rice options.

According to the GI Foundation’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr Alan Barclay, the SunRice Low GI rices are the only plain rice products on the market with the official Low GI rating and symbol.

“Doongara is low GI due to the attributes of this particular cultivar – high amylose starch. A low GI diet provides health benefits for everybody, across all stages of life,” says Dr Barclay.

According to SunRice Senior Marketing Manager Craig Young, the Low GI products continue to be one of the most popular SunRice products. They not only address a significant gap in the market, but also meet the growing demand by consumers for healthy food options which taste great.

Recent research undertaken by the GI Foundation found that more than 95% of people said it was important their food provided sustained energy throughout the day and that the food they provided children assisted with concentration while at school.[i]

“We are thrilled to be able to grow a product here in Australia for Australians. The fluffy, light grains are easy to cook and are suitable for the whole family. From curries to casseroles and stews to stir-fries, SunRice Doongara Clever Low GI White and Low GI Brown Rice bring energy and flavour to every meal,” said Mr Young.

SunRice’s Low GI Rice is gluten and cholesterol free and low in saturated fatty acids which can help reduce blood cholesterol when eaten as part of a healthy balanced diet involving a variety of foods.

SunRice’s Brown Rice is unmilled which means it has retained its bran layer, the most fibre and nutrient part of the grain. SunRice Low GI Brown Rice contains essential vitamins and minerals including Thiamine, Niacin and Magnesium, and it is gluten and cholesterol free.




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