New Consensus on Whole Grains

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The International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium (ICQC) is a non-profit, worldwide organization of leading nutrition scientists from ten countries on three continents. The mission of the ICQC is to support, summarize and disseminate the science around dietary carbohydrate and health with a focus on quality with the objective to harmonize the work of scientists from academia, industry and government.

Evidence suggests that the role of specific forms of carbohydrates in obesity and on risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease may vary depending on carbohydrate quantity and quality (dietary fibre, whole grains content, glycemic index). Although there is scientific evidence that whole grains and low glycemic index carbohydrate foods are beneficial to health it is difficult to implement dietary strategies that include them due to lack of a standard definition and a clear legislation of whole grains and lack of food labeling for a carbohydrate quality indicator. To address these issues, the ICQC have published  a scientific consensus around the health benefits of eating whole grains. The consensus will enable improved policy around increasing consumption of whole grains in the world’s populations.

The University of Sydney have published an article on the consensus, you can read it here.


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