7 February 2023

How to Build a Satisfying Low GI Lunch

Let’s talk lunch. It can be a tricky meal to navigate if you’re on the go, busy at work or wrangling children. Having a low GI lunch meal packed with the sustaining power of low GI carbs will help keep you satisfied and help avoid the dreaded afternoon slump.

The great thing about a low GI lunch is that it doesn’t have to be complicated – a humble sandwich is a perfect option, and keeping an eye out for the GI Symbol on pack means you can choose a certified low GI loaf or roll in your next shop.

Here are our top 5 tips for building a low GI lunch that’ll help you power through the day:

  1. MAKE IT BALANCED: Keep an eye on portions and make sure your plate is balanced to help keep you feeling fuller for longer. A balanced lunch meal should have a combination of low GI carbs, vegetables or salad, protein and some healthy fats.
  2. SAY YES TO BREAD: Sandwiches often get a bad wrap but they are such a simple, affordable and satisfying lunch option. Choose GI Symbol certified breads or opt for sourdough, high fibre wholegrain bread, grain and seed bread, pumpernickel bread, wholegrain high fibre wraps or white corn tortilla wraps. Fill with lean proteins, healthy fats, and high-fibre vegetables.
  3. EMBRACE LEFTOVERS: If you’re already making a low GI dinner, cook extra portions so you’ve got some ready for lunch the next day. Not only will this save you from hitting the takeaway stores at lunchtime, it will likely be a more balanced meal which will help you avoid reaching for sugary snacks if your blood sugar levels dip come 3pm.
  4. BUILD A BOWL: More than ‘just’ a salad, a nourishing low GI lunch bowl will keep you satisfied thanks to the combo of low GI carbs, protein and healthy fats – better than a bowl of limp lettuce! The basics of building a better bowl is to start with a low GI grain to give you energy and nourishment – think low GI rice, pearl couscous or quinoa, then add healthy fats like avocado, nuts or seeds, protein like tofu, eggs, tuna or chicken and your favourite veggies. If you want a more filling starchy veg, look for low GI options like lower carb potatoes or sweet potatoes.
  5. GET PREPPED: Low GI lunches are often easy ones to prep in advance, helping to save you time and money during the week. Red lentils are low GI and high in protein, so making a big batch of veggie-packed dahl is a great option to help you have lunches ready to enjoy throughout the week.

If you’re looking for some tasty low GI lunch ideas to keep you inspired, check out our collection of lunch recipes here.

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