17 December 2020

Festive Foods For A Low GI Celebration

GI and Diabetes

Getting ready to entertain this festive season? No one wants to be deprived of all their holiday favourites or feel like the Christmas grinch. Eating well can also be healthy – just remember the basic principles of swapping rich and fatty high GI foods for healthy low GI options.

Even at Christmas time it’s important to try and follow a low GI diet to look after your health. So, whether you just want to keep eating healthy, sustain energy levels or manage a specific health condition, choosing low GI options is the best way to go these holidays.

Here are a few ideas to help celebrate the low GI way, without forgoing the festivities.

Main course options:

Fresh side salads:

Try these dessert options:

Feeling inspired?
If you’re feeling inspired to develop your own recipe, or make a favourite recipe lower GI, download our recipe guidelines.

Grab our Top Tips for going low GI.
Going low GI is easy – it’s all about healthy choices. See our top tips here.

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