Fall Back in Love with Potatoes

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Despite being jam-packed with nutritious goodies, potatoes have historically been avoided due to being high GI and high carb. Get ready to put them back on the plate – there’s a new spud in town that’s certified lower GI, 25% lower in carbs, a source of gut-loving fibre and muscle-building protein.


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View the Recipe

GiLICIOUS potatoes are a new certified lower GI, Australian-grown potato. They are suitable for people looking to manage their blood glucose levels or those simply wanting to follow a low GI diet for improved health and wellbeing.


What makes them lower GI?

GiLICIOUS potatoes are grown by natural cross breeding of select potato seeds that have unique starch characteristics. Robust scientific testing has found that this particular potato variety is more slowly digested and absorbed, resulting in a lower and slower rise in blood glucose levels.

Where can I buy them?

GiLICIOUS potatoes can be purchased at Woolworths stores across NSW. Look out for the green bag!

Something to feel good about

Not only are these potatoes a deliciously healthy choice, every bag sold helps fund diabetes prevention and education programs. In fact, GiLICIOUS aims to prevent Type 2 diabetes in more than a quarter of a million Australians in just five years. Read more about GiLICIOUS, the world’s first profit-for-purpose food brand here. 

Top Tips for Enjoying GiLICIOUS spuds

To maximise GiLICIOUS potatoes nutritional content and GI characteristics, the best cooking method is:

  • Wash potatoes and leave their skin on
  • Cut into 1cm thick slices
  • Place into hot (not boiling water), bring to boil
  • Cook for approximately 4 minutes or until potatoes are ‘al dente’ (firm but cooked through)



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