Choosing Low GI carbs for top performance

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Carbs for top performance

It’s even more important than normal to ensure we are getting adequate intakes of quality carbohydrates during times of stress and low energy. Incorporating quality carbs in our everyday diet is important to ensure our bodies are functioning well and providing the energy we need to perform at our best.

How energised you feel is largely influenced by the food you eat. Focusing on quality low GI carbs will give you more sustained energy and increased vitality throughout the day, helping avoid that mid-afternoon slump that usually comes with cravings for sweet treats.

Quality carbs
Blood glucose levels over time

Quality Low GI carbs are broken down slowly by the body, feeding a steady supply of fuel into your tank for sustained energy. Not only that, low GI carbs help with concentration and leave you feeling fuller for longer which is why those cravings to overeat are reduced.

Eating high GI foods creates a sudden spike in your blood sugars, and then the inevitable crash, leading to peaks and troughs in energy.

Over time, blood sugar levels that rise and fall rapidly like this can disrupt the natural blood glucose balance in your body. This can make it difficult for your body to respond properly to the changing glucose levels, potentially leading to health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.

Glucose is our brain’s preferred source of fuel, so it’s no surprise that our blood sugar levels play an important role in regulating our mood. Low GI carbs that are slowly digested and provide sustained brain fuel help you feel energised throughout the day.

Simple swaps can help

Most people don’t actually eat too many carbohydrates, they just eat the wrong type. Simple food swaps from high to low GI carbs is a scientifically proven way to help you feel fuller for longer, lose or maintain ideal weight, increase brain power and keep you active for longer.

Try out our easy food swap tool for simple tips and tricks for getting good carbohydrates into your diet every day.


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