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About GiLICIOUS™ potatoes

The first GiLICIOUS product is Australia’s favourite veggie, potatoes.

Despite being jam-packed with nutritious goodies, this pantry staple has historically been avoided due to being high GI and high carb.

With the help of the family owned Mitolo Family Farms in South Australia, we are proud to launch GiLICIOUS potatoes, which are suitable for people looking to manage their blood glucose levels and those simply wanting to follow a low GI diet for improved health and wellbeing.

Grown by natural cross breeding of select potato seeds and without the use of biotechnology, GiLICIOUS potatoes are naturally lower GI¹, have 25% less carbs² than regular potatoes and recommended by Diabetes Qualified. They are also a source of gut-loving fibre and muscle-building protein whilst still boasting that same delicious potato taste and texture.

So what makes them lower GI? They are naturally lower GI due to their unique starch characteristics, making them more slowly digested and absorbed, therefore resulting in a lower and slower rise in blood glucose levels.

Research has found that floury potatoes tend to have higher GI levels compared to waxy-skinned potatoes, like GiLICIOUS. It’s important you follow a healthy balanced diet and be physically active everyday.

Nutrition Information

Servings per package: 6

Serving Size 250g

Per Serve

Per 100g


475.0 kj (114 cal)

190 kj (45 cal)


6.3 g

2.5 g

Dietary Fibre, total

4.8 g

1.9 g

Fat, total

<1 g

<1 g


<1 g

<1 g


25.8 g

10.3 g


4.8 g

1.3 g


32.5 mg

13 mg


Currently GiLICIOUS potatoes are available in select Woolworths stores across NSW.


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¹ 25% lower than the average of a group of commonly available potato varieties.
² GiLICIOUS potatoes contain 25% less carbs than an average group of commonly available potato varieties.


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