4 February 2022

7 steps to eat low GI

Low GI eating is simple. Use the following 7 steps to eat low GI:

1. Look for the Low GI Symbol when shopping – the low GI symbol  is a shortcut to help you eat low GI. Foods that carry the low GI symbol have been tested in a lab under rigorous guidelines and meet strict nutrient criteria. Click here to watch my reel with 9 supermarket foods that carry the low GI symbol.


You can also use this low GI shopping list here.

2. Swap high GI foods for low GI food choices – six easy low GI swaps you can make at your main meals and snacks to help you eat low GI are:

  • Soft white breads —> dense whole grain breads and authentic sourdough
  • Refined commercial processed cereals —> traditional grains like oats, natural muesli or cereals with the low GI symbol
  • White or jasmine rice —> low GI white or brown rice, basmati rice
  • Water crackers, rice crackers and crispbreads —> wholegrain crackers and nut & seed bars
  • Cordial and soft-drink —> for water or low fat milk / soy milk

White potatoes —> switch to low GI alternatives such as sweet potato, Carisma or Low Carb Potatoes.
For more easy swaps, click here to use ​​the Swap tool.

3. Include legumes like lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, cannellini beans and baked beans are low GI. You can add legumes to salads, bolognese and casseroles. Canned beans are super easy and all low GI.

4. Cook pasta al dente – this lowers the GI of pasta.

5. Add vinegar, lemon/lime juice or pickles to your meal – acid lowers the GI of your meal.

6. Add olive oil or healthy fat like avocado to your meals – the presence of fat lowers the GI of your meals.

7. Include a source of healthy protein with your meals – protein helps lower the GI of the meal.

By Dietitian Rebecca Gawthorne

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