April 2016

In this issue: Detox: eliminate food myths from your diet; Weight loss – how much matters? Declutter to beat cravings; Quitting smoking and weight gain; Lung cancer and diet – Dr Alan Barclay checks out a recent study hitting the headlines; Quinoa and nuts feature in Nicole Senior’s Heartfelt Health; Spelt – a good alternative to regular wheat; Anneka’s four seed spelt loaf; Bean up with two tasty dinner-time recipes; Sporty kids – what they need to eat. Download the full PDF version here.


Food for Thought

Eating in the fourth dimension.  Jordan Younger thought going vegan seemed like the answer to her long-term digestive problems. It initially gave her a feeling of wellness and complete control. But, it eventually[...]

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Man running_enews

News Briefs

From bathroom scales to healthy behaviours – achieving sustained weight loss; Cleaning up the kitchen could make a difference to your snacking habits; Quitting smoking and weight gain – what you need to know[...]

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Fresh fruitbowl

Perspectives with Dr Alan Barclay

Can Diet affect your risk of getting lung cancer?  Headlines around the globe recently declared that high GI foods may increase the risk of developing lung cancer, but was there any substance to all of the hype?[...]

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Collage Of Legumes

Q&A with Prof Jennie Brand-Miller

Is there any scientific research supporting the concept that too much food, even low glycemic food (i.e. all protein), would create an insulin response? Most foods will stimulate a rise in insulin levels in the[...]

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Mixed Nuts

Heartfelt Health with Nicole Senior

Here, I’ll be focusing on good food and good living for heart health throughout 2016. Each month, I’ll bring you news you can use and ideas to inspire you to look after your heart. Whether it’s high[...]

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spelt spaghetti ratatoille sml.smaller_enews

Eat Good Carbs and Carry On

Spelt Spelt is one of today’s trendy grains with organic cred and a mystical “ancient grains” health halo. An older wheat variety of uncertain parentage – possibly a hybrid of emmer and bread wheat – it[...]

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Four seed spelt loaf_enews

In the GI News Kitchen

Mop up our roast tomato, fennel & chickpea soup with Anneka Manning’s four seed spelt loaf. In Doctor Meets Chef, the Hit100 kitchen has whipped up a one-tasty pot wonder: Chicken and white bean casserole you[...]

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Children Rush to Soccer Ball

Glycemic Index Foundation News

Do you have a budding football player, swim champ or athlete?  My nine-year-old is becoming more competitive in the sporting arena and with that comes training sessions and competition meets. We are very proud of[...]

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The University of Sydney News

In this section we will be covering all you need to know about GI Testing, the partnership with the Glycemic Index Foundation and their initiatives including the GI Symbol Program and CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. We[...]

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